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Maven Media

My marketing studio specialises in working with IOS, Android, and SAAS companies as well as entities in the fintech industry. I believe in crafting messaging that serves my clients, their businesses, and their end users. I also believe in messaging that drives profitability. These beliefs are all interconnected and guide the work that I do.

My Secret Sauce

What sets working with me apart? In summary, a strategic approach and a varied skill-set.

My ability to see the bigger picture, how content can improve your campaigns and how to tackle the task at hand. This also allows me to work with other individuals to get it done well.

This is thanks to my experience in almost every aspect of marketing, you can trust that you're working with someone who is well-versed in multiple areas, not just one. 


I'm on a mission to help app and SAAS companies to get the content that they deserve. 

This type of content serves both the product and the end user.

No lies, tall tales or unrealistic messaging. I help to build trust, and reliability so that the content can support your paid media efforts.

Image by Brett Jordan


Having started my career in large agencies I do my best only work with companies who I believe in, that are excited to work with me and who are generally "nice" people. 

Life's too short to do boring work or work for awful people. As a fellow business owner, I'm sure you feel the same!

I believe in honest work, adhearing to deadlines and ultimately serving your end user so that your business can thrive. 

What are "Mavens"?

Mavens in Maven Media Studio are trained, seniors who I work with when needed to ensure tight deadlines are met and high work standards are always ad-heared to. 


While they are available to assist in case of urgent needs, you will always work with me one-on-one.


I view myself as part of your team and remain your point of contact throughout the project.

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